Lead by Dr. Judy Batker, This project is based in the community in Milot, Haiti. The horses we treat are used primarily in tourism, carrying people up steep mountain to the Citadel fortress. In partnership with local veterinarian, Dr. Kelly Crowdis, the Equitarian Initiative travels to Haiti twice annually to treat the local population of working equids.

Costa Rica Workshop

Each year the Equitarian Workshop allows veterinarians to head to a symposium where they learn about the needs of working equids around the world. This workshop is an excellent chance to get to know other Equitarians from around the world, exchange ideas and learn from one another. Veterinarians learn about the nutritional and medical needs of the horses as well as how an Equitarian program can be created and made sustainable. 


Pine Ridge

Pine Ridge is a Native American reservation community in western South Dakota with a long history of using horses in cultural, work, and recreational activities. Several tribal elders who welcome and host the veterinary teams each summer also run an organization which pairs horses with youth for learning horsemanship and partaking in cultural rides. In this spirit, the elders have shared some topics they would like youth (and adults) to learn about horse care. Annually, we coordinate “Doctoring your Horse” day of learning and sharing information for all ages just prior to the veterinary work week lead by Dr. Judy Batker. Here, we teach the native Americans suturing, wound care and injections. A typical veterinary work week consists of 4-6 veterinarians and 10 veterinary students working on 450-650 horses to perform castrations, dentals, deworming, vaccines, wound care and lameness exams.